Glengarry Glen Ross with my teen crush


To be honest I only booked tickets for Glengarry Glen Ross because of my teenage crush on Christian Slater. I just loved him in True Romance and Heathers, and when I heard he was going to be ‘treading the boards’ in London I couldn’t get my tickets quick enough…  Well actually that’s not strictly true as I was too busy with work and family to go before Christmas so I did have to wait until the beginning of 2018, but I digress….

So, come January 2018 I found myself once again in The Playhouse, this time watching David Mamet’s New York based masterpiece with an all-star cast featuring Slater, Kris Marshall and Robert Glenister.

The first half of the play is based in a Chinese restaurant with the salesmen’s desperate personifications of capitalism gone bad. The second half takes place in the ransacked office when everything has gone wrong.

Slater plays top sales dog Roma perfectly, and his interpretation of this complex and ultimately untrustworthy and unlikable character is brilliant. The supporting cast are also great, although it took a while to feel comfortable with Marshall in a serious role as I’ve previously only ever seen him as the doofus in Love Actually!

All in all it is a great play, and Slater more than lived up to my teenage expectations!





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