Russell Brand Reborn As A Comedy Genius

When a friend of mine offered me a ticket to go and see Russell Brand in Richmond Theatre (of all places) I jumped at the chance. I used to be a big fan – tho after reading his autobiography (TMI) and witnessing his marriage with Katy Perry (when showbiz goes bad) and attempts to get into politics (embarrassing), I have definitely gone off of him in recent years. However I had nothing better to do on this particular Monday night so off to Richmond Theatre we went, and boy was I glad we did.

FullSizeRender (1)

The show is called Russell Brand: Re: Birth – and it is brilliant.

As well as making you belly laugh for the best part of two hours, it was also thought provoking. Russell acknowledges his recent career/relationship/political fails in a fabulously tongue-in-cheek fashion. He has clearly been much affected by the recent birth of daughter Mabel – and yes maybe I wouldn’t have found him as funny if I hadn’t been through childbirth and the subsequent relationship shift. But I have and I did!

I won’t bother going into any of his jokes or more of the show’s content. Just be assured that it was brilliantly funny – there was audience participation which is usually something I steer well clear of – but it was only for those who had signed up for it so they were fair game, and I was safe.

It was to put it simply the best Monday night I’ve had out in years – go see it if you can!



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