Romeo + Juliet reimagined on a rainy evening

Being a dutiful mother I booked for my daughter and I to go and see the production of Romeo & Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank as it’s one of her GCSE texts. I opted for the standing tickets because I thought a) the experience would be more authentic and b) the tickets are only a fiver which makes Shakespeare soooo affordable, that’s the price of a medium glass of Pinot in my local pub FFS!

We headed up to town after school both a little concerned about the proximity both in time and place to the London Bridge terror attack at the weekend, but we opted for a route that steered us clear of that area and we were looking forward to a traditional performance in an authentic setting…


Well what can I say? Yes the setting was splendidly authentic – I have visited The Globe before on a school trip, but I have never seen a performance here, however I’ve seen Shakespeare in Love so I know what I’m talking about! But the play itself was far from traditional. With banging club tunes, clown masks, heaps of sexual innuendo, strobe lighting and explosives, Romeo + Juliet has been brought bang up to date – in one of the most dynamic, innovative and exciting productions of any play that I have ever seen.

I don’t want to spoil it as I urge anyone who can to go and see it, but let’s just say: I wasn’t expecting the head of the Capulet household to dress up as a dinosaur and sing the YMCA under a spinning glitterball… I wasn’t expecting Romeo’s first appearance on stage to be as a headphone wearing, Dorito eating Emo… And I certainly wasn’t expecting nipple tassels!

I’ll be honest, standing for over two hours is a bit of a pain – however this production was so fresh and vibrant it felt like we were at a festival watching a gig. And the fact that the heavens opened and the rain poured down on us at the moment that Romeo died was an added effect that money simply can’t buy! Book your tickets now!



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