Treetop terror at noon

I’ve always been desperate not to be one of ‘those mums’. You know the ones that stand at the bottom of the rollercoaster holding the coats and bags whilst the kids and (usually) the dad head off to enjoy the excitement. With this in mind when we headed off to the zip line and climbing place whilst on holiday in Ibiza, I fully intended to participate.

Acrobosc Ibiza in Es Canar (located in the woods just behind the beach at Cala Pada) has three different circuits that you can choose from – a red, blue and green circuit. We have been before when the kids were younger and had fun on one of the easier and lower circuits, but t his year we were all finally big enough to try the proper adult one – the red route – my son was delighted, I on the other hand was a little more dubious.

We had our brief training session and then were set loose on the red circuit – which we had to ourselves for the duration… result. With no helmets and limited instruction, it is a health and safety nightmare that makes Go Ape look like an over protective parent! However it is a lot of fun (for kids that is… the jury is still out for me!).


I (metaphorically) fell at the first hurdle – you have to climb a particularly tricky climbing wall and my knees were not up to the job (I do have an official knee injury so am not just rubbish!)… I tried to hide my delight as I remained firmly on the ground for the first half hour photographing the kids and shouting words of encouragement. Then, all too soon I could join them halfway round the first circuit by climbing a steep red ladder – straight up to a terrifying zip line (there was no build up for me!). Then it was a tightrope walk and plenty more zip lines and wires to navigate…

There are plenty of games, routes, tightropes and zip-lines to try and although it doesn’t always feel like it, you are in theory safe as you’re connected with a ‘lifeline’ through the harness and ropes.


When my first red circuit was completed I’m afraid to say I bailed… my knee was groaning and my heart was pumping a little too hard! Although I must admit I did feel exhillerated. Having done a serious zip-line circuit in the rainforest of Costa Rica a few years ago I was surprised at quite how hard and scary I found this… maybe it’s because I wasn’t going around with an instructor – and in fact to all intents and purposes I was the responsible adult (although the kids coped an awful lot better than me – laughing their way around whilst I tried my best not to swear too loudly!). Or maybe I’ve just gotten a bit too old for this kind of fun – I hope it’s the former…

With my feet firmly back on the ground, I resumed my position of photographer whilst the kids tried another red circuit which finished with them riding a huge ball into a scramble net suspended high in the trees!

It was an awesome couple of hours, but suffice to say that next time we do it I’m ashamed to say I am going to have to accept my place as one of ‘those’ mums…

The main circuit at Acrobosc Ibiza cost €25 per person


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