9 hours child free in Benirras

So you suddenly find yourself childless on your family holiday for the day… what do you do? The situation arose because my ex husband was holidaying in the White Isle at the same time as us and wanted to spend a day with the kids. Having been sad, then grumpy, then angry about it all, I finally happened upon the perfect alternative which was spending a day at my favourite beach with an old friend who was spending a much-needed break at a yoga retreat. Without the kids we’d be able to properly catch up and also chill out.


I picked her up from said retreat – which had a slightly odd vegetarian communesque feel to it – and took her down to Benirras which was literally on her doorstep. It’s a beautiful bay on the north west coast of Ibiza with one of my favourite sunset views ever. Usually when I head to the beach with this friend – who is also an Ibiza regular – I have the kids with me and we drag her on pedloes and kayaks, go snorkelling and play bat and ball. But this time it was just us… so what to do?

She offered to take me on a pedlo anyway… TBH there is a stunning rock in the middle of the sea known as God’s Finger that you can peddle out to and round, you can even climb up it and jump off (not that I’d ever be that brave), so her suggestion wasn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. But I politely declined and instead suggested we hired sun-loungers and a parasol for the day (what an extravagance!) and chilled. So we did, and we did! It was brilliant.


A couple of hours spent chatting were followed by a leisurely luncheon (we kept it healthy with a chicken and quinoa salad…) and some pale rosé at my favourite Benirras beach bar Elements. After lunch it was back to the sun loungers for more chatting, chilling and ice creams. Our friendly waiter at Elements did suggest we took a bag full of ice and Whispering Angel back to our sun loungers, but as this beach can sadly really only be reached by car I was on driving duty, so there was no more rosé for me.

More gossip, a couple of dips in the sea and a doze in the sun were followed by the age-old issue when it comes to Benirras… do you stay on the beach watching sunset and listen to the hippy drummers, or do you head to a beach bar for refreshments? Now at this time of year the sun doesn’t set until gone 9pm so there was no way my stomach could wait till after sunset for dinner, especially as our lunch was decidedly carb free. So we headed to Roca Y Mar, the beach bar with the best view on Benirras but possibly the worst reputation… well it’s definitely the least cool beach bar, a reputation which was probably not helped when Sam Cam and David were photographed lunching there a few years ago when they were holidaying in Ibiza.


We were pleasantly surprised – although it is nowhere near as cool or as well put together as Elements, it is certainly better value (you can even get egg and chips for under €7…). We enjoyed a delicious grilled sole, octopus and fresh prawns washed down with a glass of wine and watched as the sun slunk into the sea. I had to run down to the shore a couple of times between bites to see the sunset in all its glory, complete with the soundtrack of the drummers finishing it off to perfection.

It was 9 hours well spent – even without my kids in tow – and it was certainly more relaxing!



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