May Day Nutella cookies

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe – so I thought now would be a good time to share my delicious May Day Nutella Cookie recipe. Now they’re not called May Day Cookies because you need them in an emergency – although I wouldn’t rule them out in an emergency as they are totally delicious and may help you through the crisis! They are in fact called May Day Cookies because we made them on May Day, and as things have just been a bit hectic for the last couple of weeks the blog posting is slightly behind schedule. At this point I do need to give my daughter – a self-confessed Nutella addict – credit for developing and refining this recipe to make the perfect Nutella-filled chocolate chip cookies.



220g lightly salted butter, softened

165g soft brown sugar

220g caster sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

525g plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

285g milk chocolate chips/broken chocolate pieces

Nutella – you’ll need about about half a jar


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C.

2. Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

3. Beat the eggs together, and then add this and the vanilla extract to the butter and sugar mixture.

4. Once combined stir in the flour and baking soda.

5. Stir in the chocolate chips/broken chocolate pieces.

6. Roll the dough into balls about 3cm in diameter. Flatten each one then place a teaspoon of Nutella in the middle, and fold the edges of the cookie dough around the Nutella. Pinch the dough together to seal it in, and then re-roll it to form dough balls.

7. Place cookie dough balls on baking sheet and flatten slightly.

8. Bake for 8-10 minutes until lightly golden around the edges.


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