An afternoon lambing in Kent

I’ve always thought when it comes to food that Easter is rather ironic time of year. We love to go lambing – yet we also eat roasted leg of lamb to celebrate with our families. We love to see the baby chicks at school – yet we chow down on roast chicken…However it’s the Easter break and time to go lambing, it’s just so cute!

Throughout March and April numerous farms in the Kent countryside (and I’m assuming in other countryside counties) open up to the general public at the grand fee of £1-£2 per head and give kids (and adults) the chance to see baby lambs being born, baby lambs being fed – and even to give them a cuddle. Now I’m certainly not a countryside kind of girl but lambing is one of those life-affirming activities that simply makes you feel warm inside!


With the Easter holidays being later than usual this year – the only lambing event we could attend was later in the year than most lambs are born so sadly this time we didn’t see any lambs being born. However for the grand total of £9 for two whole families we did get to cuddle lambs and marvel at their cuteness! We could then wonder around the rest of the farm checking out baby goats, chicks, pigs and cows, partake of the BBQ (which felt slightly hypocritical…) and general enjoy the Kent countryside in all it’s glory.

To put it simply lambing is just the ideal family Easter treat!


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