Whizzing round Battersea Park for an hour

If you ever find yourself in south London with a restless child or two and an hour to spare you could do a lot worse than head to Battersea Park and rent a banana bike (that’s a reclining bike to you and me) from London Recumbents. Located just by the entrance to the charming children’s zoo opposite the River Thames, it’s easy to find. At just £10 am hour (and believe me an hour is all you need unless you are über fit!) these bikes are brilliant fun to whizz around the outer path of Battersea Park.


We worked out we’d covered over 10km during our hour – peddling round the park one way and then doing an about turn and cycling the other way. Interestingly changing direction really does give a whole new perspective on the park and new sights to enjoy. We raced, we crashed, we ate ice creams and we even got caught in the rain during the last 10 minutes, which made it even more fun!


There are plenty of bikes in stock – including tricycles, tandems and all other variations – so you’d be very unlucky to get there and find everything was already rented out. One thing to remember is that you will need to provide proof of ID – like a driving licence – to leave behind for the duration of your bike rental to ensure the safe return of the bikes.



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