Daytrip to the Alps


No it’s not quite as manic as it sounds – although it was quite exhausting. I was in Lyon for the weekend visiting friends and family, and having spent the Saturday doing just that, it crossed my mind that Sunday could be the perfect opportunity to whizz off for a day’s skiing. The mountains are just an hour and a half away, so it’s like the daytrip to the seaside when we’re at home, which we don’t think twice about.


So with alarms set for 6.45am (unheard of on a Sunday usually) we jumped in the car and headed (literally) for the hills! Being January and not in school holidays the resort we chose – Les 7 Laux pinpointed because it was literally the closest one to Lyon – was lovely and empty. We parked up right next to the town centre for free – a good change from Megeve (our usual haunt) which if you drive into the town to park costs a good €20 for the day. And were kitted out by the lovely staff at Intersport within minutes, and for just €23 per head. The day’s ski pass was just €30 (again considerably cheaper than our usual resort choice of Megeve or our other fave Courcheval) and we could have bought an even cheaper pass if we’d been satisfied with just sticking to the beginners’ area. And we were up on the slopes by 9.30am.


Now skiing for a day is a bit of a double-edged sword. You’re only there for a day so you literally feel like you have to ski the mountain. However as you’re only there for the day you also feel like you need to take the time to enjoy the ambiance, stop for a vin chaud or hot chocolate, eat lunch in a lovely alpine lodge rather take the usual packed lunch. Still I’ve had worse dilemmas in life and on reflection skiing for a day is actually brilliant. You make the most of every aspect. Ski hard (well hardish – my black run days are well and truly behind me), drink wine at lunch, eat well, and basically just really enjoy the whole experience.


Les 7 Laux had more than enough ski runs to keep us entertained for the day – including some lovely tree-lined ones that we finished the day with. Kit handed back we enjoyed a Nutella crepe before returning to the big city feeling exhausted and exhilarated.



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