Rainy day escape to La La Land

With torrential rain and predicted snow, a trip to the cinema seemed like the perfect option. We decided to see La La Land to find out what all the fuss was about…

Think Moulin Rouge meets Sliding Doors in the sunshine… Bright, bold and beautiful – it really is a stunning visual event, and one I’m really glad I experienced on the big screen. The songs are lovely – catchy, funny and romantic, and in many cases quite familiar and memorable – in fact I’m still humming them in my head one week later.

Emma Stone is brilliant in the movie – perfectly cast and her outfits throughout are completely fabulous. Ryan Gosling is good, not in my opinion as good as Euan McGregor was in Moulin Rouge, but he certainly played the part convincingly and sang in tune.

It was 2 hours of escapism and mostly brilliant, tho personally I hated the ending. Apart from the fact I wasn’t overly convinced by her new squeeze, the whole ‘What If?/Sliding Doors’ concept left me feeling a bit out of kilter, with many life questions to answer. Have I wasted my life? Why didn’t I follow my dreams? Is it too late to fulfill a dream? Is love more important than ambition? Is ambition more important than love? Will I ever write my bestselling novel? Who knows…

All in all I’m glad I saw it. But it didn’t make me cry. And it did make me feel like a bit of a failure… Maybe it’s time to write that novel!




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