90 minutes of Lights & Sparkle at Kew Gardens

Every year Kew Gardens hosts a Christmas light show, and every year I fail to go. This year however was different as my mum got on the case and booked tickets way in advance to take me and the kids along. It is a rather costly affair, however it is a beautiful festive treat and certainly worth it if your mum is paying!


The lights were beautiful and the trail walked you round Kew Gardens in a clever way – it’s amazing how different it all looks in the dark. Considering how many times I’ve been to The Gardens in my life, I actually felt rather lost at some points.


I think my personal favourite was the Christmas fire garden, which was surrounding the First Day of Christmas motifs – it was spectacular. The tunnel of light was impressive, crazy and kind of headache inducing, but pretty cool nonetheless albeit rather packed so would probably be better viewed when it’s not prime-time Friday night. The Hive also deserves a mention as it looks absolutely amazing lit up at night.


We all had a great time – especially my mum! My one criticism was that there was not enough music, and where there was music it was a bit sketchy. A rubbish ‘DJ Elf’ singing really out of tune but not in an intentional fun way. Songs you didn’t know being piped out by the Christmas Forest. Plus there was a very Grubby Santa with the most annoying elf assistants ever!


However with mulled wine on offer at most corners and a charming (tho extortionate) marshmallow toasting areas, the Kew Lights offers a great way to spend an hour and a half of festive time as a family.


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