Panto time in Richmond

Christmas time = panto time in our household.

So we rounded up a week of culture which started with Matthew Bourne’s Red Shoes ballet at Sadler’s Wells and moved on to An Inspector Calls at The Playhouse – with the Sleeping Beauty panto at Richmond Theatre staring Chris from CBeebies and BT legend Maureen Lipman.

We went with friends and family. We had sweet treats, wine and glow sticks. And we had a fab, festive family time.

TBH the writers did try to pack in a few too many young ‘n’ topical points of reference (apple pen pineapple anybody) – but I shouldn’t really complain. Pretty much every song was a crowd pleaser. I did belly laugh more than once. Me and my kids even danced. Chris from CBeebies was surprisingly entertaining as Chester the Court Jester. Maureen Lipman started off rather unsparingly and wasn’t particularly convincing as the baddie – however was most impressive once she morphed into Theresa May… “Oh no she didn’t.” “Oh yes she did!”

The costumes and set were bright and beautiful and the whole experience was a festive feast – which kept even my best friend’s hyper three-year-old entertained for the entire 2 hours 20 minutes.

We’re all definitely up for more panto fun next year! Roll on Christmas…



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