Midweek Education At An Inspector Calls

Well GCSE texts have certainly improved since I did my GCSEs, as my midweek visit to The Playhouse in London to watch An Inspector Calls proved….

So yes I’m a bit rubbish seeing as I failed to get a place on the school trip for my daughter to go and see the play with her friends. But I managed to redeem myself by getting us both tickets to go and see it this week. And boy am I glad I did (both fail to get her a place on the school trip and succeed in getting us both a seat at the play) as it was brilliant.


It’s a beautiful old London theatre (in fact the same one that I saw 1984 in) and a perfect setting for this atmospheric play set in the Midlands in the 1910s. It is back in the West End 70 years after it was first performed and it’s every bit as relevant and on point now as it was then.

I must admit I had no idea of the story but I was gripped from the off. The production, staging and acting was stunning. It opened with a storm – and we were both most impressed with the rain as I’ve never seen actual rain in the theatre. The house where the ‘posh’ family live was a marvellous piece of set that opened up to reveal the characters once the Inspector came to call.

The mysterious Scottish Inspector Goole with anger management issues was brilliantly played by that chap from The Missing (Clive Francis) and the supporting cast was fab too, although I’m not quite sure what the old lady added to the play but she made me chuckle. In fact despite its dark content and social commentary the whole play was rather humorous.

We were both gripped throughout and didn’t realise that there was no interval until it finished – it was so brilliantly executed that the time positively flew. I’m not at all surprised that this version of the play is award-winning!



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