5 days as a gym bunny

Last month a good friend of mine gave me a week’s free pass to her fancy gym so I was determined to make the most of it.

Starting on Monday I rocked up straight after school drop off and did a gym induction (with said friend not an instructor I’m pleased to report). It was harder than I remember although being able to watch This Morning at the same time as cycling uphill for 10 minutes did soften the blow slightly. After the gym we had time for a quick swim (at the risk of sounding like a snob I’ve got to say that pools at posh gyms are soooooo much nicer than the council pool I usually frequent)… and then I headed home to work.

On Tuesday we’d booked ourselves in for a spinning class which was just as well because if we hadn’t booked in advance there’s no way we’d had made it on this cold, wet, dark morning. And I must say halfway through the class part of me wished we hadn’t booked it in advance! Loved the music, dimmed overhead lights and flashing disco lights, but boy is it hard. At one point I seriously thought I might have a heart attack! Anyway I made it through, had a quick dip in posh pool then headed home to work (*lie down).

Wednesday it was time to brave it and go on my own! I’ve always been intimidated at the thought of joining things on my own but I have myself a strict talking too and headed off to a Pilates class. This was more like it. I could actually do the majority of the exercises. Charlotte (the instructor) was lovely and gentle, yet I could still feel that I was doing my body some good. There was no time for a swim today – it was just back to the grindstone as soon as my class finished. Quick point to note here is that rather than work part time throughout this week I simply shifted my hours so was working till 8, 9 or even 10 o’clock every night… Not good for the social life. Quite good for the purse strings.

Come Thursday I was starting to weary of the whole thing. I don’t know how these other mums keep going with their gym membership – it’s so damn time consuming not to mention exhausting. Anyway today I decided to make the most of the lovely pool and so headed straight there and swam 40 lengths. This was very enjoyable and really set me up in a good, calm and happy mood for the day.

Finally it was Friday – thank God! Today I was booked into a yoga class with a slightly irritating and overly perky instructor. TBH she was probably fine, I think I was just at the end of my tether by Friday and she was just too slim, fit, blonde and pretty!! Anyway this class was full of women that I vaguely know but am not friends with which is never a good start. Still I gritted my teeth and got cracking. Now I haven’t done yoga since before I had kids – and I think it’s fair to say I was rubbish! ‘Perky’ kept correcting me, which was slightly embarrassing especially when you consider that I was at least a decade younger than the rest of the class. Anyway the last 10 minutes of relaxing my body and feeling ‘how my scalp interacted with my forehead’ was most enjoyable.

The end of my yoga classes heralded the end of my 5 days as a gym bunny, and it was finally time to return to my real life. And boy had I let it slide over the 5 days… There’s simply not enough time for exercise if you have a job and kids but no cleaner or husband! The house was now a total pit and I was completely behind on my big work project.

Still – I guess it was fun while it lasted… And now I may be ready to take on Hell Week – a military-style fitness/lifestyle week guaranteed to turn your (my) life around… I’ll keep you posted if I take that challenge.


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