Great music no story at Lazarus

It was time for another Culture Night and this time we went to see Lazarus, the David Bowie musical billed as a sequel to the Man Who Fell To Earth, at the Kings Cross Theatre.

Well what can I say? Apparently it’s the last thing Bowie worked on before he died so I feel I slightly uncomfortable panning it too much – but it was quite ridiculous.

On the plus side the music was amazing (lots of fave Bowie tracks) and the man playing the gin-swilling alien Newton (David C Hall) was a superb singer, he sounded so like Bowie it was quite eerie.

However the storyline was pretty much non-existent, it was certainly nonsensical in every sense of the word… One of the people I went with thought it carried a homoerotic subtext mirroring Bowie’s discomfort with his relationship with Iman on the basis he was in fact gay… I’m not so sure that I buy that theory as I certainly didn’t get a sense of homoeroticism.


But to summarise Lazarus I would say that it was an uninterrupted hour and 50 minutes of total nonsense with a great soundtrack performed in a bit of an atmospherically-void pop up theatre in King’s Cross.

Would I recommend it? No. Would I see it again? No. Am I glad I saw it? Definitely. It was another great Culture Night experience different to all the others, and yes I feel that watching it has enriched my life in some small way. Plus, the audience made us feel pretty young as it seems most staunch Bowie fans – and believe me the audience was mostly comprised of Bowie officiandos – are definitely on the wrong side of 50!


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