It’ll be all Fright on the night

So last week saw my family’s first ever trip to Fright Night at Thorpe Park, and it was terrifying! The kids are now apparently too old to go trick or treating which is one of their favourite annual festivities, so Fright Night seemed a fitting replacement. It’s a Halloween special version of a usual day at Thorpe Park with extended opening hours and extra ‘spooky’ experiences – not to mention additional staff dressed like the zombies in the Walking Dead to jump out at you once the sun goes down…


So we packed up some snacks, jumped in the car, picked up some friends, and went to Thorpe Park in time for plenty of scary fun.


I’ve not been to Thorpe Park since I was 18 and yes it has changed a lot. And yes I’m no longer very good at doing rollercoasters… however I did all the ones we had time to do (Colossus and Nemesis Revenge) some other hideous rides (can’t remember their names as I’ve clearly blanked them out of my mind for good) and a couple of excellent Fright Night experiences – the Big Top and Platform 15.


The queuing at Thorpe park is crazy – we waited for the best part of 2 hours for the Big Top which isn’t even a ride, although the kids did think it was worth it – and I was certainly scared!


Due to all the queuing we didn’t do as much as I’d have hoped. Because we had Fright Night in mind we didn’t actually arrive till 2pm (the Fright Night stuff kicks off at 3.30pm) but in reality we could have been at the park from 10am, so next year (as this has now become a family tradition) we’ll get there as it opens and blitz the roller coasters so we are not trying to squeeze these rides in between the spooky ones. And unfortunately for us nearly 3 hours of our day were wasted queuing for rides that weren’t operational (X and Derren Brown’s Ghost Train) – and with entrance at ¬£50 a pop you don’t want to be wasting any time. But I have written to Merlin in the hope of getting some of our costs reimbursed so hopefully they will consider this. However queuing and broken down rides certainly didn’t dampen our spirits and at 11pm we headed home exhausted and satisfied.



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