Solo sunset at Punta Galera

The perfect alternative to a standing-room-only sunset a la Benirras or Cafe Del Mar is the remote harder-to-reach sunset at Punta Galera. Just north of San An, Punta Galera is one of my fave Ibiza beaches – and at sunset the view is unrivalled and so far unspoilt by the tourist trail.


Sure there are some peeps on the ledges that lead to the sea (this is not a sandy beach but more a selection of stoney ledges stepping down to the sea and a snorkelers’ paradise) and yes it gets particularly busy around the make-shift mojito stand. However if you fling your throw (see what I did there…) in a nice spot on the cliffs between Punta Galera and Cala Gracionata you are guaranteed an unspoilt view of the sun sinking into the sea with no gate crashers…


We spent a stunning 45 minutes watching the sun set with a selection of fine Ibicencan drinks and snacks (well vodka and Cheetos).

It was well worth the excursion and I’m glad I wasn’t the elected driver du jour!



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