Feeling the love tonight at The Lion King


Desperate to fit in one more treat before the summer officially finished, I decided to take the kids to see The Lion King. This was a long promised treat – a reward for my little boy auditioning for a role in his school production of The Lion King over a year ago – and what a treat it was.

I managed to get decent tickets at a reasonable price (£25 each) on Lastminute.com – the only drawback being it was a random Tuesday once we’d all gone back to school/work/real life … But hey ho – it was the best part of £100 per head on a weekend – and sadly that sort of price is out of my reach at the moment!

So we headed up the Lyric in Covent Garden after school on what was the hottest September day in over 100 years (and yes it was really hot!) and took our seats in the Grand Circle.

The excited crowd was cheering and clapping in anticipation creating a fab atmosphere, and then the lights dimmed and the musical started. And it was awesome.

The costumes were absolutely stunning – a mixture of puppets and real people dressed and dancing as animals they really captured the essence of the Savannah. The young Simba and Nala were very cute – old Simba a bit stage school but did the job. The set was amazing. The songs were all crowd pleasers (thank you Sir Elton). And I even did that weird mum thing of crying cos I was enjoying it so much… My little boy recited pretty much the whole script and sang most of the songs (yes the woman next to us was delighted!) and had an absolute ball… Not!

Despite not getting home until 11pm and being completely exhausted we all agreed that it was a reward well worth waiting for.



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