Standing room only at Benirras

The Benirras Sunday sunset session is legendary among Ibiza officiandos. Basically it’s a bunch of old hippies who sit at the far end of this beautiful rustic beach in Ibiza and drum away for hours as the sun sets. Throughout the afternoon more and more people arrive to watch the ceremony – drinking, dancing, juggling, meditating – then as the sun slopes into the sea the whole crowd cheers and the party begins.


Out of season this really is quite a magical experience as the beach is really rather mystical with ‘God’s Finger’ (a large rock) protruding from the sea and happy hippies communing with nature and belting out some good beats. However on a Sunday in August this ritual is quite something else. I was astounded that we managed to get a car parking space (€3 plus tip as we almost got into a fight with a feisty and somewhere over-zealous American to get the spot and it was only the intervention of the lovely car parking attendant that calmed her down).


We then managed to lie in the shade of some wine else’s umbrella for a couple of hours of beach time – there wasn’t a sun bed to be had and barely beach space tbh. Not that I needed it between kayaking and then pedloing around God’s Finger – well worth doing if you visit this beach. Whilst out at sea the acoustics of the bay amplified the sound of the drumming and made me feel quite at one with nature and myself.


Back on shore the crowds really had built up and sun beds had been racked and stacked to make space for the hoards that had come down to experience the ‘Day of the Drums’ at Benirras. And even though we are sunset experts – we weren’t disappointed with this one. It was a near perfect sunset with not a cloud in the sky, and the silhouettes of sailboats and yachts creating a stunning backdrop us the sun slunk away for yet another day. The drumming reached a crescendo, the sun disappeared into the sea, the crowds cheered, and then it was cocktail time at Elements – the rather fabulous beach bar at Benirras.

A perfect end to a brilliant day.


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