20 minutes in the Brighton sky

Over the summer a new tower has gone up in Brighton – the British Airways i360 – it’s 162 meters tall and is positioned opposite the West Pier. So on our last-few-days-of-summer trip to Brighton, the kids and I and our friends decided to pay it a visit.


Apparently the ‘i’ stands for intelligence innovation and integrity – personally I think they inserted it to attract the youth by making it look as if is sponsored by Apple, in the iPod, iPad, iPhone stylee – an infinitely cooler brand than BA. The world’s tallest vertical cable car and tallest moving observation tower – despite needing a catchier name the British Airways i360 is definitely worth a visit. Costing £15 for adults, £7.50 for kids, free for 4-year-olds and under, your flight takes around 20 minutes, just enough time to take in the stunning view whilst drinking a glass of English sparkling wine or Brighton Gin and Fever Tree tonic (we opted for the latter and it was delish).


The British Airways i360 did not disappoint, our party of six ranged in age from 3-44 and we all had a fab time. Although it was at maximum capacity, the giant pod still felt spacious and we could all see what we wanted to see.  The pod has definite shades of the London Eye, and in fact I’ve since found out it was designed and built by the same team.


One tip though, don’t book in advance as you may find yourself literally stuck up in the clouds if the unpredictable Brighton mist descends, and as you can’t feel the pod moving up the tower – if you can’t enjoy the view the whole experience would be pretty pointless.



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