Van hunting & vin tasting around Bordeaux


What better way is there to spend 5 days than exploring a new place looking for retro vans? Especially when that new place is filled with vineyards, sand dunes, surf and seafood. So yes I was feeling very lucky. Although sad cos the kids had gone off on their summer holiday with divorced dad – the blow was slightly softened as I was headed for Bordeaux to try and find an old HY or Estafette for new money-making venture. We set off full of great intentions and much optimism, but despite scouring the French Internet version of ‘Auto Trader’ first thing every morning the only van we managed to see was a Citroen HY which looked amazing but sadly the pictures posted were not exactly honest (think internet dating scenario when the man you meet is way shorter than his stats lead you to believe – and also with rather less hair…).

This van – which we drove over 2 hours to view and hopefully buy was way overpriced and in very bad condition and owned by a rather arrogant French woman who was not going to budge on price at all…


Although we were tres disappointed – the fact that the van hunt had taken us into the heart for the Bordeaux vineyards was a total bonus and definitely soothed the blow. The mechanic recommended a bio-organic vineyard just down the road to drown our sorrows – or at least to sample some delicious local wine.

Back home 5 days later and with no other van purchase potential the trip was still a very enjoyable one.

Personal highlights of the failed mission included:


Devouring platters of oysters for just €5.50 at Cabane 171 in Le Canon

Tasting delicious wine at organic vineyard Chateau Puy d’Amore

Cheesey wedding dancing at the glamourous Sail Fish in Cap Ferret

Massive sand dune climbing at the Grand Dune of Pyla

Boat tripping across the Bassin d’Arcachon

Sunset watching at Andernos-Les-Bains

Exploring Bordeaux




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