150 minutes of mannequin mayhem

What had I let myself in for? Maybe it’s because I don’t have my kids all the time or maybe I’d be a sucker even if I did – but I do fine myself quite often doing things that are the necessarily my idea of fun. And visiting Madame Tussaud’s on the first weekend of the school summer holidays was one such occasion – it was going to be heaving! Still it was my daughter’s birthday treat so we headed up to London to brave the crowds – and I must admit it was well worth it.


Yes it was way too busy – they let far too many people in in each time slot (if I ever go again I will do a bunk off school and go on a random Tuesday in November). However there really is something for everyone. With red carpets full of celebs to take selfies with from old-school movie stars to Kim Kardashian! Model runways to stroll down and be papped with Cara Delavigne. Sports heroes, music icons, Bollywood stars, Shrek! You name it – they’ve got it. I even had my photo taken with One Direction much to my kids’ embarrassment. I also sat with Hans Solo in that ‘f***** up bar’ and cuddled up to George Clooney on a  chaise longue. But as well as the waxworks (which I must admit to being totally surprised that I enjoyed so much). There are some other great attractions included in your entrance fee.


  1. The Spirit of London is a ‘taxi ride’ through London – although as you can only get two people in a taxi I did look like a bit of a saddo on my own…
  1. Sherlock Holmes experience – very much on the similar vein to the London Dungeons groups of visitors are taken on a trail to discover a murderer along with Sherlock Holmes. Although brilliantly acted and well staged this did feel a little rushed.
  1. Star Wars zone – the new Star Wars section is a must for any Star Wars fan – you can be photographed in the classic ‘you’re not my father’ scene with Darth Vader – or sit with Yoda in his lagoon. Is fab!
  1. 4d Marvel film – the finale is a 4D Marvel movie in the dome of the old Planetarium. If you’re a fan of a cartoon superhero (which I am) and love London (which I do). It’s a few minutes of great fun!


We were advised that we would take around an hour and a half to go round Madame Tussaud’s but in reality we enjoyed two and a half hours amongst the mannequins – and I think we could have stayed longer if there’d been less people fencing us in!



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