Day-trip to the seaside

I never thought I’d say this but thank goodness for teachers’ strikes!

Last week my whole family went on a week’s holiday to the south coast. They stayed in a lovely beachfront 4-star hotel and had a wonderful time. Being either pre-school or post-school age, the other grandchildren were more than happy and able to holiday in term time. Why – asked the grandparents (ie my parents) – can’t you just take the kids out of school for the week and join us?


Sadly unlike in the olden days (ie when I was in secondary school) nowadays you need a pretty good reason to miss a day off secondary school – and wanting to spend a week at the seaside with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles doesn’t quite cut the mustard.


Luckily we were thrown a bone in the form of a perfectly timed teachers’ strike. The kids finished school at 10.30am so we were down in Sandbanks by lunchtime. After prawns and Pimms on the beach terrace we had a invigorating dip in the sea – followed by a quick sunbathe and then a lovely long swim in the indoor pool. The big cousins then took the baby cousin to the soft play area while us grown ups chatted in the early evening sun back in the beach club. Then it was the first dinner sitting in the restaurant before me and the kids headed back to the big smoke at 8pm.


Short but sweet it truly was a priceless day out as you really can’t put a price on quality family time. The grandparents loved it, the kids all had a ball – and I had a fab time. It was well worth a day off school – the kind of day that lifelong memories are made from.



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