Fast food Lisbon style

So I went to Lisbon – and there was too much to do and too little time to do it. But the one thing that you can do in Lisbon is eat fast without losing out on the quality or the experience. 

Here are my top five fave fast food treats:

1. Pastel De Nata 

These are just indescribably delicious. I had them for breakfast everyday – and for a mid afternoon snack most days. A slimmer’s nightmare – a foodie’s dream. My favourites were from the home of the original Pastel de Nata (or Pasteis de Belem as they call them in this establishment) Antiga Confeitaria de Belem in Belem #amazeballs!


2. Empanadas

Delicious Portuguese/South American version of the Cornish pasty. I got mine from the El Pibe empanadaria where they have a great selection of empanadas from the traditional cheese and ham fillings to the more left-field squid and pesto options – all delicious.

3. Croquettes 

Whether meat, fish or cheese – as long as you get them from the right establishment they are a superb alternative to a sandwich – the perfect on-the-move snack or seaside picnic. However choose your establishment wisely as if you get them from the wrong place they are horrid! We had a bad experience from a small takeaway place near the Convento de Carmo and I mean bad! We had a fab experience from a delightful place in Belem.


4. Pastel del Bacalhaul

Yummy savoury pear-shaped fishcake-esque snack from the eponymous bakery down near the Arch. People queue for them (mostly tourists) but as this is all that is for sale here – the queue goes down very quickly. You can have them accompanied by a very strong white port. My advice is to pass on the accompanying drink… I guess you should try it for the experience – and it is served together with a very nifty portable glass-holding-tray device but trust me the drink is rank!


5. Ginjinha – Cherry liquor in a chocolate cup

Yummy yummy yummy. Sold for around a euro a shot complete with edible chocolate cup – this is just too tasty for words! 

Find out what else you can do in Lisbon apart from eat!


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