Enjoying Science & Beauty at The Hive

Finding myself with a spare half hour, a new-found fascination with bees since my allergic reaction to a bite in Lisbon, not to mention the fact that I spend much of my time complaining about what a busy bee I am (though I hasten to add I don’t ever refer to myself in such a twee term) – I thought it was time to visit The Hive at Kew Gardens, seeing as how I am a member and it is literally on my doorstep. 


Apparently there are around 250 types of bee in the UK. And right now you can explore the journey and life of the British bee at Kew Gardens at The Hive installation. This stunning open-air structure is 17 metres high and weighs 40 tonnes. As well as stunning to look at from afar – it is also an immersive sound and visual experience from close up (and even from inside) as Led lights glow and fade, vibrations vibrate, bee humming hums in response to real-life bees in a true beehive.


In short The Hive is well worth a visit. Originally designed for the Milan Expo 2015, it’s at Kew Gardens until November 2016 – and included in your Kew Gardens entrance fee.



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