Feel-good Culture Night


Three times a year I go on a Culture Night (see An Hour Appreciating Alcoholic Architecture and Dans Le Noir Pour Deux Heure) with two of my oldest and bestest school friends, and this time it was feel-good old-school all the way!


We started off with cocktails at the Oxo Tower – and it doesn’t get much more old-school, feel-good than that. What’s not to like? View. Tick. Company. Tick. Cocktails. Double tick!

We then moved through to the restaurant and had a really tasty pre-theatre meal. Prawns followed by steak, keeping with the old-school vibe, washed down with Picpoul De Pinet.

We then jumped in an Uber to the Phoenix Theatre to watch Guys and Dolls. Like I said this time Culture night really was old-school and feel-good-tastic!
At this point there was a slight blip to the proceedings as we were held up in traffic making us 5 minutes late to the theatre. This meant we had to watch the first song on a fuzzy TV screen in the foyer.

IMG_2518Although this was annoying it taught us a valuable lesson about the pointlessness of tardiness as you so do not get the atmosphere of musical theatre on a fuzzy TV screen in a theatre foyer. However as soon as we were taken to our seats all was forgotten as the musical proved itself to be fun and entertaining.

With some cracking ‘jazz hands tunes’ including one of my all-time favourites “Luck be a lady tonight”, the older-than-the-usual-musical-fodder cast performed some great dance routines in this wholesome old-school musical at this cute traditional theatre on Charring Cross Road.

Culture Night was finished off with dessert at our old fave Andrew Edmonds on Lexington Street. Here we devoured sumptuous chocolate pots and pecan pies sloshed down with delicious dessert wines and toasted the ongoing success of the brilliant institution that is Culture Night.

I can’t wait until the next one in September…



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