The Best Ways To Get Around Lisbon

Having spent an amazing 5 days in Lisbon my only criticism is that there is just too much to do and see, especially if you go in summer and fancy a bit of beach action as well as city culture and fun. However to enable you to move around this fantastic city in the most efficient way possible (thus being able to fit as much in as possible) Lisbon has developed a plethora of fantastic transport options, and if you can work out how to purchase the correct 24-hour or 72-hour tourist travel card you can use many of these within the allotted time frame (including the Elevator) within the €6 daily fee!

Here’s my Lisbon transport top 10 in no particular order.


1. Elevator: The Elevador de Santa Justa is stunning. Designed by Mr Eiffel’s apprentice it’s a cool way to get to the next level of the city. There’s also a lovely viewpoint at the top. However the queues can be very very long so if you’re already at the level visiting the Convento do Carmo you can also come down in it instead thus avoiding the queues but still enjoying the experience. Alternatively arrive at 9am when it opens and you should be good to go (that’s what I did)


2. Funicular: The supercool, graffiti-covered Gloria funicular is a really fun and unusual way to climb a very steep slope.


3. Tram: The trams are an uber cool way to get around the city and soak in the atmosphere, especially the must-ride Tram 28.


4. Tuk tuk: They’re everywhere and they offer a selection of tours of the city and surrounding areas. Tuk tuks are a fab way to get up and down the winding roads and the seven (yes count them) hills of Lisbon.

5. Metro: The four metro lines are efficiently linked and clean, an efficient way to travel around the city.

6. Train: If you want to get out of town to Belem or to the beautiful beaches beyond, then the train is the ideal way to do this.

7. Bus: Another great, cheap option, especially if you want to go to the beach and cross Lisbon’s very own ‘Golden Gate Bridge’.


8. Boat: The commuter ferry from Cais de Sodre to Cacilhas costs less than €2 and is a must for those wishing to visit Cristo Rei (which is definitely among my top 10 Lisbon sights).

9. Taxi: The taxis are cheap and easy to come by, an ideal way to get home at the end of a long night of dancing in the Bairro Alto area.


10. Cable Car: And finally if you take the time to visit the Expo 98 area of Parque das Nacoes – again very much recommended especially if you’re in Lisbon with children – make sure you take a ride on the Teleferico, a 20m-high cable car with stunning views.

But despite all the amazing transport options on offer in this amazing city you do also really need to walk – a lot. We averaged around 20km a day and a lot of that was uphill… Did I mention the fact that Lisbon was built on seven hills?

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