Father’s Day Pit Stop

So this morning I headed off to meet my dad to take him out for a Father’s Day lunch. As I was ahead of schedule with at least 10 minutes to spare, I decided to pop into IKEA (I was literally driving passed it) and pick up a couple of outdoor cushions for my new improved garden… I never have time to go to IKEA so this seemed the perfect opportunity… Such an error of judgement…


Although I avoided the entire showroom and headed straight for the Market Place, I still managed to be in store for half an hour without realising it – so by the time I then got back to my car and unloaded my wares (yes let’s face it, it is physically impossible to buy just a couple of items from IKEA – in reality I bought 21 items tho still spent just £22.50, how can that be?). I was then way behind schedule and arrived at the country pub half an hour late! And I don’t do lateness, and my dad really doesn’t do lateness (or IKEA so I kept very quiet about my small detour blaming the whole thing on the bad traffic on the North Circular… Of which there was some).

I did manage to redeem myself in my dad’s eyes eventually, especially as I had got him an exceptionally good present this year, but all things considered I would say that ‘popping’ into IKEA on Father’s Day for 10 minutes is a BIG MISTAKE! Especially when it makes you late for your own father – cos that most certainly doesn’t make his day…

Lesson learnt…



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