One Week Three London Locations

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you realise why you love living in London? When it all comes together and suddenly makes sense that you pay so much more than everyone else and seemingly work much longer than everyone else. Well last week was that week for me. From ordinary  life in Kew suburbia I was transported to three hip London destinations in just four days.

Portobello Road

Wednesday night I went to Portobello Road. I usually have Wednesday nights off, as that’s when Divorced Dad comes and sees his children. This usually results in 2-3 hours in ‘rocking’ Richmond or ‘charming’ Chiswick. However this particular week I was freelancing at a swanky magazine in Shepherd’s Bush so instead of heading homeward after work I rendezvoused in Ladbroke Grove and then wandered around Portobello Road – had a couple of drinks in a couple of lovely bars then ended up in a lovely family run Mexican called Santo.


Brixton Village

On Friday night it was the end of my working week for the week and the kids were away with Divorced Dad for a long weekend – thus I headed to Brixton to meet my BFF and introduce her to Brixton Village. She lived in Coldharbour Lane years ago but has since relocated to Brighton and hasn’t been back for a while – needless to say she couldn’t believe the transformation. We had cocktails in a grungy but not scary bar on Coldharbour Lane and then headed into Brixton Village to check out the amazing street food selection. The world (or should that be the food of the world) was literally our oyster – including oysters! We ended up drinking margaritas and then having a Mexican… I know – soft tacos twice in one week – what an indulgence – but ever since my amazing trip to the Yucatan Peninsular I can’t get enough of Mexican feed.



Camden Lock

Saturday night I found myself in Camden. My local plan had fallen through so it was the perfect opportunity to meet up with my GBF and have a nice meal and proper catch up. We went to Gilgamesh in Camden Lock, which was opulent and delicious. With escalators up to the restaurant – an amazing cocktail bar with great views over the marker  – massive Egyptian-style restaurant – and escalators back down to the basement club – not to mention escalators within the actual club – it really was a top night.


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