Lyon France to London French

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to be both a responsible single mum and a person in my own right – who does very much like to party. And the other weekend I think I nearly pushed it too far.


It was the boyf’s birthday and he understandably wanted to celebrate it in France with his friends at a big party on Saturday night. My kids were with their dad for the weekend, but on Sunday morning my son had his end of season “5 Nations” rugby tournament at London French (yes the irony wasn’t wasted on me). The dad seems to have a serious aversion to watching his son play rugby so it’s always down to me to be standing on the touchline cheering him on. Could I do both?


Well obviously doing both was a very stupid idea, but missing either would lead to one disappointed boy whatever way you looked at it… Plus, I do hate to miss out on ANYTHING. You have but one chance at life and I don’t like missing any of it. So after much ummmming and ahhhhhhing I booked my EasyJet flight to Lyon with a return at 7am on the Sunday morning.


Kids waved off I headed to Gatwick. Drank a G&T in Departures. Flew to Lyon. Visited some flats he’s renovating. Had a late lunch. Explored Lyon. Went do the old town for delicious dinner (including frogs’ legs). Went clubbing in Docks 40 till dawn. Snoozed for a few hours. Visited a traditional French farmers’ market on the banks of the Rhone for breakfast. Wandered across to the old town. Ate a delicious lunch. Got the funicular train up the hills to the top of the hill. Checked out the Cathedral. Explored the Roman amphitheater (who knew). Put on my glad rags. Went out for yet more delicious food (yes there is a reason that Lyon is the gastronomic capital of the world!). Went dancing in Le Boudoir and F&K. Had a two-hour power nap. Caught my 7am flight home. Was on the pitch at London French before 11am.

Job done!




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