Lost weekend in Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen for the weekend and had an amazing time. To be honest I was so busy talking/drinking/dancing (delete as appropriate) with my best friend that I must confess I didn’t really appreciate the city in all its glory, and I certainly didn’t get to see as much as I should have done in terms of sights and culture. However I did very much enjoy what I did see and here is what I do remember from the weekend…

Clubs: It has a few really good timeless ageless and free clubs! Think Mother in Old Street or Green Door Store in Brighton – it’s a great party crowd with no barriers or limits. The two clubs I went to are in the Meatpacking District (Vesterbro) of Copenhagen – called Bakken and Jolene – and they were both fab. Remember to get your hand stamped if you leave so you can jump the queue and get straight back in.

Food: Fabulous food at restaurants like Pate Pate and Nose to Fish offer delicious reasonably priced food – again in the Meatpacking district – remember to book.


Gardens: The Tivoli Gardens look most interesting, however remember to check its opening times – we didn’t and failed to get in.

Mermaids: The Little Mermaid is smaller than you would expect. She’s also quite a walk away from anywhere else you may happen to be – for example the lovely canal area of Nyhaven. However if you bear these things in mind, she’s not disappointing but instead she’s really rather sweet.


Canals: Speaking of Nyhaven – this lovely and lively canal area is much like a really smart, clean version of Amsterdam crossed with the Nice.  If the sun is shining this is the perfect spot for lunch – and although it seems rather touristic with menus offered in an abundance of languages – there are plenty of Danes enjoying themselves there too. And let’s face it, there is a reason why places become touristic!

Alcohol: Finally, if you’re on a budget remember to buy some alcohol at the duty free so you can have a pre-night out tipple. Mostly I found the Copenhagen cheaper than expected, but the alcohol was really quite expensive in the bars and clubs.



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