Five minutes per teacher

Question: How much can you really learn about your child in 5 minutes? 

Answer: Quite a lot really. 


It was the first parents’ consultation of big school – and the first time I would be getting any official feedback on how my child really is settling into secondary school and all that it entails.

We could book to see up to 8 teachers for 5-minute time slots between 2pm and 6pm. It’s first come first served for the bookings which instilled panic from the off, as obviously we all want to see the maths and English teachers and are not so bothered about the dance and drama teachers.

Luckily – being more of a tiger mum than I would like to admit I was on it immediately and managed to book all the teachers of what my dad calls ‘proper’ subjects apart from the Latin teacher who my son wasn’t that keen on me seeing anyway as for some reason they don’t get on… Having heard the phrases ‘pointless subject’ and ‘dead language’ muttered in my house when doing Latin homework I’m less than surprised that the Latin teacher is rather less enamoured with my son then I am!

So armed with my schedule of 8 appointments over 75 minutes I set off to the parents consultation with low expectations – of either having a Ben in Outnumbered experience or simply an efficient wasted afternoon of not really finding out anything of use about my son.

How wrong I was… The afternoon was a triumph – each appointment ran on time and was properly informative. In fact I was delighted to find out that my son is certainly no Ben from Outnumbered but more a really popular member of the class that all the teachers without exception enthused about – although let’s not forget that the Latin teacher and the RP (Religion and Philosophy) teacher were both vetoed…

Job done – let’s hope he keeps up the good work and doesn’t go pear shaped when he reaches his teenage years!


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