Late night quiz + comedy


I must admit to being a big fan of a quiz. And I mean a big big fan… Trivial Pursuit is a much looked forward too, often envied Boxing Day tradition. As a student pub quizzes were my spiritual heaven as a student – and even now if I get the opportunity I’m in like Flynn…

School quizzes however have never really been in my remit. The combination of sharing my confidence (arrogance) excitement (drunkenness) and debate (heated argument) was never something I thought I should bring into the circle of trust surrounding the parents of my childrens’ friends. However when Johnny Vegas was billed to host the quiz at my daughter’s school I was unable to resist.

And what a night it was…


Johnny was welcomed with a crate of Guinness, which he duly drank – although I believe I matched him drink for drink with my PTA-selected warm white wine… The first hour or so was just great stand up – drawing on the material of teachers, up tight parents, adolescent kids, babies. We could all relate to all of it and the atmosphere was fab. The quiz itself didn’t get going for ages. But when it did that too was hilarious – and low-brow enough for me to be a decent contributor to our team – unlike the other school quiz that I’ve been to which was more about parents proving how much they really had their Daily Telegraph from cover to cover…

Anyway at midnight it was still going strong – but sadly just like Cinderella my carries he was awaiting and I had to leave the revellers without childcare curfews to their fun. It was slightly odd to still be on school premises 9 hours after my daughter’s school day had finished but suffice to say I’m definitely signing up again next year.



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