The 7 Don’ts of Prague

Don’t purchase Euros in advance

The currency is the Czech Koruna and it goes an awful lot further than the Euro! Stupidly I changed up a load of Euros in advance of my trip only to realise upon arrival at Prague Airport that this was completely unnecessary…. Lesson learnt for the future!

Don’t be shocked by the smoking

It’s like going back in time – you can smoke pretty much anywhere – and they do! I didn’t really mind it as it reminded me of my student days – particularly when I was asked for a light on the dance floor of a basement nightclub. Smoking on the dance floor – who’d have thought it? However the smell of my hair and clothes every morning was a bit grim. And I think I’d have objected a bit more if I’d had my kids with me on the holiday.

FullSizeRender-2Don’t get your clocks confused

The main square in the old town has a very famous clock – the Astronomical Clock. This is a medieval clock that was first installed in 1410 and every hour on the hour the crowds gather to watch the hourly ‘Walk of the Apostles’ where figures representing the apostles and other moving figures including Death strike in the new hour. However in the same square there is also a normal clock tower with a normal clock. This is the one I stood watching the change of hours in my first visit to the square – and might I say don’t bother – it’s really dull… I was most confused.

Don’t settle for slop

There really is no need to settle for uninspiring Eastern European tasteless food, as Prague has an abundance of really tasty restaurants and street food – including really reasonably priced fayre as well as your more upmarket culinary delights.

FullSizeRender-21Don’t bother with the Staropramen Brewery Tour. 

I felt it would be churlish to visit one of the beer capitals of the world and not visit a brewery – it’s like driving through Bordeaux and not visiting a vineyard. However unlike the vineyard tours I have been on, the Staropramen Brewery Tour doesn’t involve interaction with real people (apart from at the end when you get poured a glass of your preferred beer – and as I don’t actually like beer this wasn’t much use to me). You don’t get to see any of the actual brewing process, it’s more like visiting a slightly disappointing exhibition in a museum …

Don’t rush up to Prague Castle too early

They tell you it opens at 6am.  It doesn’t – that’s just the grounds which are lovely but bloomin’ freezing in the winter with no shelter and not much in the way of warming refreshments. The buildings themselves open at 9am – and tho it’s well worth arriving just before 9 (say 8.45am) to beat the crowds – there is absolutely no point in getting there any earlier than that!

Don’t waste too much time sleeping

There is so much to see and do in Prague and the chances are you’ll only be there for a long weekend/mid-week break. So don’t waste time sleeping – get out there and explore!


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