Toddler mayhem in the London Transport Museum

Question: What’s the best thing to do when you have to entertain an over-active toddler for 3 hours in central London? 

Answer: find a contained spaced full of interesting things for him to look at and set him free!



So the initial plan was to meet my best friend for lunch in London with the kids. She’s recently joined the seemingly ever-increasing merry band of single mums – but with a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old to deal with I’d say her life is considerably trickier than mine right now. Anyway I had a long leisurely lunch on the South Bank in mind until she rang to tell me that was no way gonna happen with her energetic 2-year-old boy, so we settled on the London Transport Museum and as it’s fabulously located in the very of Covent Garden – we hoped that once he was worn out we might still get to have the relaxing lunch.

Well what can I say? The Transport Museum did not disappoint. Entrance is a little pricey at £18.50 per adult – however kids up to 17 years old are free and the adult ticket is valid for one year – so it is in effect a year’s membership.

We spent a fun couple of hours checking out trains, buses, taxis, transport systems, etc etc etc. You can even sit in an original Metropolitan Line Rickmansworth train – which excited us grown ups tremendously as that is where we hail from – and we spent our teenage years getting the last Ricky train home from central London!



There are plenty of interactive installations, which kept the older kids interested. Plus there is a great kids’ play area with dressing up clothes. Once we reached this it provided us adults with the ideal opportunity to catch up as the little kids were finally contained – and the big kids took charge of them.

With the attractions of the London Transport Museum exhausted (as well as the toddler) – it was time to head out into Covent Garden for lunch and a much-needed glass of vino. There was only one minor mishap at the restaurant involving the toddler, a tin can and a stranger’s head – but that’s another story…

All in all it was a very successful day out and needless to say we’re already trying to schedule in another visit to the Transport Museum, which is guaranteed to be even better as next time it’ll be free!



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