Monthly book group meeting

So it’s time for the monthly book group meeting…

When I was invited to join the book group (around 8 years ago) I sniggered at the idea. But due to my inherent FOMO I obviously had to say yes. I had only recently become aware of the concept of book group as the had been doing a storyline in EastEnders about it and I quite frankly thought it was one of the saddest concepts ever. Even my mum took the mickey out of me telling me I’d finally gotten middle aged (even though I was only in my early 30s) and why on earth would I want to read books chosen for me by other people when there’s not even enough time in the world to read the books chosen by me…


Anyway now – 8 years later – I actually genuinely look forward to our monthly meetings. It makes me read at least one book a month (and let’s face it the educated women of Kew have slightly more highbrow tastes than my usual choice of trashy chick lit). It also means I get to catch up with old friends – and yes despite having some friendships that have endured over three decades I do think that 8 years warrants being put in the old friend category – especially as I rarely see these women now our kids have all moved on to different schools and we’ve mostly returned to work.

But best of all this is the one time I can go out without my kids moaning about being abandoned as they think that book group is practically an educational chore! Little do they realise that we mostly drink lots of wine, gossip about things other than the book, and eat our body weight in cheese.

Hmmmmm and what was this month’s book again? Ah that’s right Caitlin Moran’s How To Build A Girl… More lightweight than most of our choices and in my opinion really rather irritating…



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