2 weeks, 0 booze

Crikey – well I did it… It was challenge laid down by my son – 2 weeks with no booze.

I must admit it’s never been something that I’ve wanted to try before – I’m certainly not one for detox or dryathlons. But I am a stubborn one and I do find it hard to resist a challenge. So when anadvert came on the radio for dry January – and Sonny bet me I couldn’t even do a week – I took his bet and raised him to 2 weeks (to be honest I would have done longer but we had a long-standing date with some family friends for a belated Christmas celebration on the 16th January and there’s no way I wasn’t going to imbibe at least a glass of fizz with them).

I also bet him that in return he wouldn’t be able to do 2 weeks without YouTube – and again like me he is a stubborn bugger so he accepted the challenge. We then agreed to put a pound a day each into a jar towards our chosen charities Macmillan for me WWF for him – and no that’s not the weird 80s wrestling completion it’s the World Wildlife Fund.

So the 1st January came and we both went cold turkey… And it was fine… In fact it was better than fine. I lost a bit of weight, I saved a bit of money, my skin looked younger and fresher, and I had sooooo much more time and energy on my hands – so much so that I’ve even started decorating my house.

However, on the negative side I did become a bit of a hermit (pubs are dull when you’re not having a drink – and more importantly people are dull when they’re having a drink and you’re not), and I think I became quite boring and judgmental – a bit like a born again Christian or a reformed smoker. I even toyed with the idea of trying to complete the dry January – gosh maybe by the 31st I would finally be bikini fit for the summer (being bikini fit = my eternal quest, my Holy Grail…).

Anyway the 2 weeks passed – not exactly in a blink of an eye, but pretty quickly and, then I put all thoughts of a lifetime (or at least a month of sobriety) behind me and it was time to fall off that wagon… Boy it was a fun night, but boy did I pay for it the next day… in fact I’m only just starting to feel human again! Oh well, maybe I should try and make it a regular thing – a few times a year – maybe… I’ll keep you posted.

PS My little boy also managed his YouTube-less 2 weeks without much complaining at all – and he was even off school ill one day and I offered him a get out clause as he lay in bed feeling sorry for himself – but he didn’t cave in much to my utmost respect!


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