Sneaking to the cinema in the daytime

What an indulgence… I was sneaking off to the cinema with three of my good friends on a Tuesday afternoon! To see a grown up movie! This was unheard of. Firstly I should be working, and secondly I literally couldn’t remember the last time I saw a grown-up movie at the cinema. I don’t think I’ve been to the pictures without kids since, well since I’ve had kids. But this is what I was doing.

As you can probably gather I was pretty excited, and in my excitement I arrived at the cinema pretty early – well when I say pretty early I mean early in comparison to my friends. Not on the other hand early in comparison to the blue-rinse brigade that seemed to be the only other people that snuck off to the cinema on a Tuesday afternoon… Hmmm maybe this wasn’t as exciting and indulgent as I though it was – in fact maybe this was just another sign that I am in fact getting old.

In the foyer there were actually plates of Bourbons and Custard Creams that the elderly folk were helping themselves to – why don’t me and the kids ever get offered free biccies when we spend the best part of 30 quid watching the latest Pixar offering…


Anyway my friends duly joined me and agreed that we did appear to be about to attend some WI meeting rather than be about to watch a movie. I suggested we abandoned the plan and went out for cocktails instead – but these ladies were not for turning – so into the cinema we went.

We had our pick of the seats – but wouldn’t you know it – we managed to sit in front of a lady who had a full-on anxiety attack due to darkness once the adverts finished… say what now? Had she really reached her 60s without knowing that when the film is about to start they turn off the lights in the cinema and IT GETS DARK! We were then actually told off by a grumpy old man for chatting (quietly I hasten to add) before the film started – at least that made me feel young… Then to add insult to injury he the rustled sweet wrappers – almost certainly Werther’s Originals – throughout the duration of the movie.

All’s well that ends well as the movie itself was great. However I did get told off by the police on my way home for cycling on the pavement – but that’s another story…


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