Adrenalin overload for around an hour


So the Thames Rib Experience starts off gently – taking in the wonderful sights on the banks of the River Thames.

MI6, Check (talking of which Bond music is played for much of the experience to add to the excitement and adventure). Houses Of Parliament, Check. South Bank Centre, Check. The London Eye, Check. Tate Modern, Check. St Paul’s Cathedral, Check. The Shard, Check. Tower of London, Check. Tower Bridge, Check… And then it all goes wrong, because once you pass beneath Tower Bridge the speed limits on the River Thames are lifted and the adrenalin adventure begins…


We raced down to the Thames Flood Barrier at the speed of knots – I had my head in my friend’s lap for most of this part of the trip – luckily we had seen most of the famous sights by this stage.

With dark gloomy skies above, the river was at its murkiest and most menacing best, and the front of the boat was rising high and smacking down low as it sped along. We paused briefly to see the Cutty Sark, the Millennium Dome and the cable cars, then it was full steam ahead to the Thames Flood Barrier.


Here we stopped long enough for me to vaguely regain some kind of composure and also to admire this impressive structure (8th wonder of the world apparently…) which we were informed was actually properly used earlier this year to save our capital city from drowning. And then it was time for the ‘fun’ to begin in earnest…

Our captain raced in circles, looping round and round and round, tackling head on every wave and part of choppy water he could find. The boat was tilted up on its sides so we could practically touch the water, and then, to top it all, it started hailing. It was like hundreds of red-hot pins being rammed into my cheeks – another excuse to put my head back into my friend’s lap!


This ‘fun’ section of the trip seemed to last for an eternity – but eventually we did have to pass back beneath Tower Bridge and then the world became a better place!

We then chugged our way merrily back up to the pier and I did my best to convince my companions that yes – of course I had loved the experience – and wasn’t scared at all…

OMG – what an adrenaline-fuelled adventure… And probably not one I’m likely to be repeating in a hurry!



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