Selfridges Smash ‘N’ Grab

FullSizeRender-2You’re in the West End for meetings and due to one of the meetings finishing unexpectedly early you have an hour to go until the next one starts… so what do you do?

Well, with Christmas less than two weeks away when I was faced with this dilemma, I decided that the best way to make use of this time was by doing a spot of Christmas shopping. And what better place to shop than Selfridges on Oxford Street? It’s my absolutely favourite shopping emporium, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.

From the Christmas gadgets and decorations in the basement (including a great demonstration of the newly re-launched Impossible Polaroid equipment which is beyond fab) to the Christmas shop on the top floor, Selfridges was jam-packed with Christmas inspiration. In fact, if I was rich I could have done all my Christmas shopping here – and then bought all the sumptuous looking festive fayre to finish the occasion off properly.

Instead – until I do get rich – I am more than satisfied with a quick Selfridges smash ‘n’ grab leaving me with a few quirky treats and some fab ideas to help make my kids’ day really special!



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