San An Sunset At Six

Sunset 2

You can practically see the tumbleweed rolling thorough the streets of San Antonio at this time of year – but it’s one more sunset for me before the end of the season – well my season at least.

Sunset 1It’s the end of October and I’m heading to the iconic (and some may say now overly commercialised) Cafe Del Mar on the Sunset Strip in Ibiza’s San Antonio for what will probably be my last sunset of the year.

In the summer the sun was setting at close to 10pm – so I was very surprised  to find out that it was gonna be going down at 6 o’clock today (thank God for my iPhone – which let’s face it seems to know everything or I’d have got a later bus to San An and missed it altogether!). But I guess that’s the change of the seasons and the clocks going back and the spinning of the Earth around the sun and whatever else influences such things.

Walking up from the bus station we passed many a closed establishment – the West End was positively deserted. Walking through it was more pleasant than having to dodge the usual marauding drunkards and bright red fat families! It all got busier as we approached sunset strip  with people milling about – but – disaster – Cafe Del Mar itself was closed… I didn’t see that coming.

Sunset 3

After the initial panic subsided we managed to find the one place a bit further up the Strip that was open and it was perfect.

Balearic beats – check.

Extensive cocktail list – check.

Friendly bar staff – check.

Snack selection – check.

And most importantly a seat with a view – check.

With a sprinkling of clouds in the sky to make the setting of the sun even more dramatic I knew it was going to be a good one. So down we sat and sunset we watched. A fitting end to a glorious summer. Farewell Ibiza until next time.

Sunset 5


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