Roasted pumpkin seeds in 300 seconds

Pumpkins 3

At this time of year there are pumpkins aplenty and although you can’t really use the pumpkins that you’ve carved to make pumpkin soup – you can use their seeds to make a tasty snack – roasted salted pumpkin seeds. And as the kids are hopefully the ones scooping and carving the pumpkin – the rinsing and drying of the seeds is the only arduous task you have to do – and that should take you less than 5 minutes (ie 300 seconds!).

Pumpkins 2Ingredients:

Pumpkin seeds

Olive oil

Sea salt


1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.

2. Scoop all the seeds out of your pumpkin.

3. Put them in a sieve and rinse off all the pumpkin flesh.

4. Pat them dry with kitchen towel.

5. Spread the seeds out on a lined baking tray.

6. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt on top of them.

7. Place in the oven for 25 minutes – et voila!


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