Roaming around Richmond Park instead of dealing with life…

So I’m behind on my work deadline. I’ve got heaps of dirty washing to wash and clean washing to put away. My house is quite frankly a pit and it’s obvious to the world and its wife that I’ve not employed a cleaner for quite some time. There’s no food in the fridge and not even emergency fish-fingers in the freezer.

Richmond Park 1

But it’s sunny outside. It’s time to put the dull life stuff on hold and enjoy the Indian summer. It’s time to head up to Richmond Park. So that’s what I did – and it was glorious.

The sun was literally beaming down and there were deer aplenty. Beautiful butterflies fluttered by. And as I wandered around the grounds of Pembroke Lodge there were even some stunning flowers in bloom. All too soon my half hour was over and it was time to head back to my life.

Rchmond Park 3

And yes, the dull life issues had to be dealt with when I got home, but my short visit to the park left me re-energised, refreshed and glad to be alive!

Hmmmm – I guess it’s a takeaway for dinner then…

Richmond Park 2


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